This page is a collection of links and other useful resources to help you understand the Bread and Roses Strike

Useful Links

Bread and Roses Centennial Committee

Lawrence History Center

Bread and Roses Heritage Committee

Lawrence Heritage State Park

The Path~El Sendero: Tour Lawrence Interactive on-line walking tour of the city's history. The images, sounds and dialogue will surely captivate you!

Remember the Triangle Fire Coalition

Zinn Education Project: Teach a People's History

U.S. Senate. Report on Strike of Textile Workers in Lawrence, Mass in 1912

White Fund The Report of the Lawrence Survey, 1911

Lorin Deland, The Lawrence Strike: A Study, The Atlantic, May 1912

The face of child labor in the United States at the time of the Bread & Roses strike is displayed in Joe Manning’s wonderful and powerful work putting personal histories to the faces of many of Lewis Hines’s child labor photographs. He is working now on a series of photos that Hine took in Lawrence in the years just before the strike.

Millies, a feature film (in development), is about a bankrupt, modern-day mill owner visited by mill girls from 1912 when they discover her future threatens their historic past. Inspired by "The Bread & Roses Strike of 1912"- Millies will be filmed in the actual historic locations throughout the Immigrant City of Lawrence, Massachusetts.

Strike History and Labor History-related materials:

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Bibliography for the Industrial Workers of the World:
Steve Kellerman, A Century of Writing on the I.W.W.1905-2005: An Annotated Bibliography of Books on the Industrial Workers of the World Click Here for the I.W.W. bibliography


20 minute video history: Collective Voices: The Textile Strike of 1912

The Massachusetts AFL-CIO in collaboration with the Lawrence Heritage State Park created a 20 minute documentary of the history of the Bread & Roses Strike. Currently, the video acts as an introduction to the Lawrence strike exhibit at the Heritage State Park. With original footage, the inspiring video tells the story of this important moment in our collective history. Click Here for "Collective Voices"